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Sustainability for Green World Seminar

June ,2019

On the occasion of  ‘The World Environment Day’ on June 5, Cimtas Ningbo organized Sustainability for Green World Seminar,  which aims to increase awareness of employees taking responsibility towards a sustainable way of working and living.

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Open Dialogues 2018: Strategy Sessions

December ,2018

The highly informative and motivational Open Dialogues 2018: Strategy Sessions” were held on December 8, 2018.The purpose was to evaluate the progress on the findings of the FY17 Strategy Sessions; and, deliberate on the strategies of FY19. 

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Pharmaceutical Skid

November ,2018

We successfully delivered the Pharmaceutical In-Line Blender Skid to USA market.

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Pink power

October ,2018

On the occasion of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Cimtas Ningbo organized fast walking activity and breast cancer lecture for female colleagues to Be Aware. Our employees also wear in pink on this special day to show their support.

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Cimtas Ningbo's family day

September ,2018

As part of Cimtas Ningbo 9th HSE Week Program, we hosted Family Day with invited employees' families. Through coloring & painting activity, children are encouraged to express their thoughts about the Earth and the Earth's future, as well as to take daily actions to preserve the environment.

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Cimtas Ningbo's 9th HSE Week

September ,2018

HSE, WE CARE! Cimtas Ningbo's 9th HSE Week was launched today. As an important opportunity to focus on our Zero Accident way of working & living and to celebrate our HSE achievements, all CNBO employees and Government representatives attended today's opening ceremony.

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