CIMTAS Ningbo uses CAD software package to transpose its customers’ requirements into a cost-effective design and optimum engineering schedule. CIMTAS Ningbo offers extensive design and detail engineering for all aspects of power, oil & gas, and process industries by its in-house and engineering network partner.CIMTAS Ningbo consistently focuses on continuous improvement and aims to be the best-in-class in engineering and integrated solutions for its customers.

CIMTAS Ningbo engineering team can cover the below application fields:

  Design Phases  CNBO & Engineering Partner
  Concept DesignX
  Preliminary Design & Feasibility
  P&ID Studies
  Prep. of General Arrangement
  Prep. of Consumption Summary List    X
  Prep. of Temperature Drop and Insulation Thick.Calculations
  Localization Studies
  Detail Design

  Detail 3D ModellingX
  Prep. of Material & Equipment SpecificationsX
  Prep. of Interface DiagramsX
  Electrical Equipment & Cable SelectionX
  Prep. of Instrument Connection & Conduit DiagramsX
  Pipe Stress AnalysesX
  Pipe Support Design & AnalysesX
  Steel Structure Analysis & Lifting AnalysesX
  Fabrication Drawing Prep.
  Prep. of MTO/BOM for each sectionX
  Prep. of Pipe Spools Fab. DrawingsX
  Prep. of Electrical Cables & Instruments Installation DrawingsX
  Prep. of Structural Element Fab. DrawingsX

photo gallery

photo gallery

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